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Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
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Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators
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Automatic Rotating Thrusting Male Masturbators


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1.【Super high-tech appearance design】The exterior design resembles a pumpkin, with a black and gold spherical shell. If your family and friends don't look carefully, they may not know that this is a male masturbator, which is different from the traditional aircraft cup style in appearance.The zigzag shell helps you hold the FJB17 more stably, so you don't have to worry about slipping out of your hands during use.

2.【Through internal design】The FJB17 has caps on both ends, which means it won't be limited by the length of your penis. The large TPE particles wrap your penis, and every time you press the button in the middle after it is turned on, it will change to a telescopic rotation mode, and you can choose from 8 modes.

3.【Realistic sexy female moaning】Just press the button of the horn, and you can masturbate with the sexy moaning sound of women. You can choose to play it in a solitary place, or plug in your headphones for an immersive sim sex.

❤【Note 1】The inner sleeve is made of soft TPE material, We recommend use water-based lubricants with toys,Definitely DO NOT use oil-based lube(including massage oils) as they may break down the material.

❤【Note 2】Unlike other products, you can't shut the lid when you turn the masturbator off,because the inner sleeve is on the outermost side. after you turn off our male masturbator, Please press and hold the middle button,its inner sleeve will continue to rotate within a few seconds and reset to the correct position, so you can easily shut the lid.

❤️Thrusting & Rotating

This auto sex blowjob machine that simulates the sensations of real oral sex, will provide you an real, and intimate experience. This thrust device will stimulate all the nerve endings in, on, or around the penis that you never knew. The rotations modes are like a tornado spinning around and around over every inch of your member providing you with intense stimulation, make your toes curl and whole body shake providing you an ultimate experience of pleasure and release.

❤️8 Automatic Rotation & Telescopic Mode

The FJB17 male masturbator cup doesn't hold back when it comes to pleasure!It has 8 telescopic and rotation modes,which can give your penis double strong stimulation. Combined with market feedback,we have strengthen the thrust power of the sex toy.You can choose the appropriate telescopic and rotation modes,and you don't have to worry about the suddenly stuck disturbing your experience.It is equipped with a powerful motor, which can be charged for 4 hours continuously, which can provide it with strong power for 45-60 minutes of work, bringing you the ultimate sex experience.

❤️Couple flirting tool

This FJB17 automatic male masturbator cup is open-ended design,the lid that opens on both sides means it won't limit the length of your penis. If your sexual partner stimulates your penis at the exit of the masturbator, it will bring you a different masturbation experience and a sexual interaction experience between you.

Many married buyers said that this is a wonderful tool for couples to flirt and a good lubricant for married life.

❤️Realistic sexy female moaning

The FJB17 male masturbator has a sound function, the real female orgasm moaning sound accompanied by the peristalsis of TPE particles wraps your penis, bringing you into an unprecedented top-level satisfaction, making you feel like your sexual partner is moaning under the crotch.

❤️Removable silicone liner & easy to clean

This automatic male masturbator cup is Not waterproof. Please make sure that the electronic device do not come into contact with water. Before cleaning, please take out the silicone in the middle; Just need to clean the silicone cover.The detachable design makes the toy easier to wash and dry. You no longer have to worry about TPE toys breeding bacteria or cleaning.

��This is the newest male masturbators with a variable speed on the market. It is exceptionally well built and durable.
��You can change the intensity of each function with the slightest push of a button.
��At the same time, thrust & sound transmission & rotation are controlled by three different switches, you can turn it on at the same time or choose any modes alone you like.

❤️❤️With this automatic sex machine, you can find the rhythm that suits you according to your mood and sensitivity

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❤About Product
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❤About Material
All products are made of Medical grade material, 100% safety, harmless to the body. Please clean it and dry it naturally, the smell will disappear soon.
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We will send out order within 5 workdays. The delivery time will vary according to different countries and will be affected by weather,pubilc holidays and so on.

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