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What is the experience of using sex toys for the first time? The truth you can not imagine
09.15.2021 | flirtwithsb |

Often follow our lovelies know that FLIRTWITHSB is doing erotic toys, many fans have used, but there are also some silent attention for a long time, want to try but do not dare to take a step forward lovelies to us message:
What is it like to use adult sex toys for the first time? Want to try but dare not, someone control?
Of course Ava is in charge of this problem! After all, Ava had the same doubts at the beginning. Every time I saw the toys with different shapes in the "adult sex movie", the expression on the heroine's face of dying and floating in the sky always aroused my infinite desire and curiosity.

Is this stuff really that silky smooth? Does it really go deep into the soul? Does it really soothe the G-spot to the tide?

At the same time, there are also concerns: does it hurt to get into the body? Is it hygienic? Will it be bought and not used for a thousand years?

Mr. Ava is here to tell you as a veteran: these worries are totally unnecessary! Maybe what you should be worried about is that you might not want to use the real thing after using it (that's how cool it is).
And, in order to better answer this little cutie's question, we also interviewed some fans, come see what they say "first time" it!

Note: This interview is only for girls, if the boys also want to know what it is like to use sex toys for the first time, please give us a message, oh, next issue we will share share.


Our first interview subject is Emily, a 25-year-old office worker, who is young and beautiful and brimming with the heat of a young girl. When talking about the first time she used sex toys three years ago, she shared it with us with a little reflection.

Emily: Back then, I didn't have a boyfriend. I occasionally watched action movies on adult websites. The actresses in the movies used a lot of "strange" things.

But this strange experience also inspired his desire for knowledge, also want to try, and then the Internet to buy, buy is jump egg products, after the arrival of the goods can't wait to open, the heart, as if to open the doors of the new world, the whole people like an electric shock, systemic ren du second pulse have been created, the body is relaxed a lot, "sister" wept, wet a piece, I feel like I'm gonna fly.

With several times after the training, really want to at night with, gradually more bold, again to buy vibrators, long, thick, to contain the "sister", just with a few times, it was said, very smooth, feel to die, then just understand why island films titles will have the looks of dying desire fairy...

Emily said.

Now, although I have a boyfriend, I still use it occasionally, and the two of us will also use it, to increase foreplay, spice things up, and make the sex work twice as well.



Our second interviewee is a self-employed Grace, who runs her own clothing store, is 30 years old, has two children, and has a good relationship with her husband.

Grace is a veteran of the game, all kinds of sex toys like a treasure, the whole interview eloquent, never deliberately disguised.

When it comes to the first time using adult sex toys, she shook her head and said she couldn't remember, only remembering that the first sex item she bought was sex lingerie, followed by vibrators, jumpers, straight sticks, AV sticks, all of which she used once, so it can be said that she is a very old driver.

I was particularly impressed by one of Grace's comments in the interview: women should know how to play with themselves, learn to please themselves and learn to make themselves happy.

She said,

Sex toys are a great way for us to explore our bodies, be orgasmic, fun and even better than real people (you know), so why not?

After marriage, my husband and I will also use it. We can both ascend to the top. Why not do it?

Sex toys are toys that make the body happy. Whether you use them alone or with your partner, they are a great way to spice up sex. Take a step forward, don't hold back your desires, try it, and you'll find that the best experience you've ever had is just one of these sex toys.