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What does it feel like to insert a vibrating egg?
10.11.2022 | flirtwithsb |

What does it feel like to insert a vibrating egg?

Every time I put the vibrating egg into the vagina, the vagina will feel a kind of numbness and numbness, and it is very comfortable and easy to orgasm, and it has not faded for a long time after the vibrating egg is pulled out. Then why am I moaning and my vagina feels hard.

Hello, it is more exciting, especially when it is placed in the yindi position, the strong vibration is indescribable, the feeling that cannot be stopped, and the super stimulation, you will know after trying it, that feeling is sometimes not good describe

There is almost no pleasure when masturbating into the vagina with a vibrating egg, and almost no love fluid is secreted. Only when the clitoris is stimulated, there is the pleasure of orgasm.

This kind of thing, everyone feels different, and every moment feels different, so it's hard to ask how you feel. To put it simply, it is easier and more exciting than doing it yourself, so the response is stronger. Of course, some people do not respond when they are not emotional, but some people are very sensitive and feel very comfortable when they are touched lightly, but of course they cannot stand it when stimulated by strong vibrations.

I just put it outside, it's very comfortable to put it outside ~ I don't recommend putting it inside... I have let it go, but I don't actually feel it.

The feeling of using it for the first time is very strong, completely different from the feeling of OOXX, the stimulation is more focused on YD. Probably because I have a stronger reaction to YD, I actually prefer this direct and quick way. Haha, and on OOXX, if you add its auxiliary, you can reach the GC faster.

Occasionally when the sex is high, the long one will be inserted, and the short one will be placed outside, and you can adjust the vibration speed by yourself. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach orgasm. Because I have never reached an orgasm during sex, I bought a jumping egg out of curiosity, which I think is very useful!

The above is all about the "feeling of inserting a jumping egg". These female drivers all said that they felt good. Of course, some friends said that they didn't feel it. Maybe everyone's sensitivity is different, so everyone still needs to understand their own body. Buy your own Jump egg.