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Using my body to "interview sex toys", I became an sex toys experiencer
12.16.2021 | flirtwithsb |

Rarely tell others about my real work, not feel ashamed, just afraid of being repeatedly questioned: your industry is not very messy? Do you have a big appetite? With you know I also know the ambiguous look.
Let's just say it all today, so we don't have to stick our heads out the window.

I came into contact with this sex toy by accident.

No one can stop a girl's curiosity about the body, I plucked up the courage to look for the same props in the film. Jumping egg, peach, can be controlled by mobile phone terminal vibration frequency.

Everything can be explained. Before placing an order, I carefully consult the store, what is the difference between models. The shopkeeper recommended the minimum model according to my situation. I am still very hesitant to confirm whether the packaging will be exposed and whether it will be seen when receiving the express. After all, at the school's mass delivery point, whole divisions of students were coming and going, and I was afraid of being spotted.

After the store repeated assurances, customer service patient science, I finally paid the bill. For a few days, I was anxious and excited, as if I was waiting for online love to show up, and when I received the package, I was like a rat out of a hole, afraid that acquaintances would bump into me, or someone could see through the box. Fortunately, the delivery looks like the owner said, absolutely private.

The first weekend I received the package, I unpacked it while the dorm was empty.
Small oval, less than half of the palm, the surface silica gel is very soft, poke with fingers, the inside is hard, should be the motor. I crept out of bed, washed it off with cold water, and then climbed back into bed, all under the covers. Turn on the switch, and the crispy sizzle sounds like bread in an oven. I was afraid to be heard, quickly shut down, and then opened the attached lubricant smear on the lower body, jumping egg a little bit into the body, open the mobile phone control end, a shock, straight to the brain stimulation. Body and mind are satisfied, something is broken and filled. The moment I swallowed it, I felt like a real woman, and I made a sexual choice.

Excited, I tried to write a 300 words anonymous composition directly to the seller, expressed their love in the evaluation.

Passed 4 days, The seller suddenly private knock me,say, can provide all sorts of props for free to me,want me to be willing to continue to write evaluation seriously only,and each qualified

evaluation has 300 pieces of remuneration.

Happy as I was, I was a little wary and asked, do I need to provide pictures or something?

No, they say, just the way it feels, but it has to be real.

It was a job, after all, and I decided to do my homework before taking it. At that time, I happened to be reading Wang Xiaobo's book. Knowing that his wife Li Yinhe is a sexologist, I began to read Li Yinhe's "Asian sadomasochistic Sexual Culture".

Like most people, before reading this book, I could not understand certain circles and even regarded them as sexual deviants, but Li Yin He argues in "The Clitoris is a Miracle" that a reasonable society should be one in which every member is minimally repressited (it is impossible to have no repression at all). A society in which each individual maximizes happiness and self-actualization.

If we actively suppress our own physical pleasure, how can we obtain pure and warm happiness in life?

With an open and curious mind, I began to learn about Japanese sexual culture and read many online posts about the experiences of some sexually open-minded people.

The next week, I had another set of items at the Flirtwithsb store that I had chosen according to my own preferences: two candles, a banana-shaped masturbation stick and a pair of breast clips with pink bells on the front. I began to boldly experience the fun in the dormitory where no one was living. I wrote down my comments and sent them to the sellers. The sellers also paid wages as promised.

My journey as a sex toy experiencer officially began.

One thing after another, I got familiar with the seller and added Whatasapp (+447774226870)separately.

I asked her one time, why do I have to write these reviews?

She told me that because of the honesty of my first article, few people can enjoy sex toys with enthusiasm and purity. She also wanted to include the customer's true feelings in the product description, rather than the same cold introduction. When she was studying abroad, she saw old ladies walking hand in hand through sex toy stores. They could talk openly about sex with their girlfriends, and this was one of the few things in life that made them happy, "she said." I just want people to be more honest about their happiness."

Seeing her reply, I thought, ho, is a philosopher ah.

Out of curiosity, during the summer vacation of my first year of graduate school, I proposed to work as a customer service staff of an online store to understand the group portrait of consumer sex toys. The shopkeeper said, customer service this job is not so simple oh, you have to think well. I swear to God it's okay.

The owner sent a specific work matter to come over, whole 5 big.

The service hours are from 8.30am to 10pm, and you can reply by mobile phone, but you must reply to customer's questions within three minutes. The owner will set up automatic reply to some problems in advance to reduce the burden of customer service.

Before customers place an order, most people will ask about the performance of the goods, so the customer service needs to be familiar with the performance and suitable crowd of each product in the store, and make reasonable recommendations after understanding the needs of customers.

She will send samples to me for every product in the store, in case any customer needs a real picture, so that I can get in touch with the product.

Finally, after the customer receives the goods, the customer is asked how they feel, and the score is evaluated, and the summary record is made.

In my work, I find that most of the people who buy sex toys are men, and they will choose products with middle and high prices. While women tend to be more careful than men, who are used to ordering directly, women will ask basic questions such as whether the item is really waterproof, whether it is loud, and whether it will affect the quality of sex with their partner.

Some female guests will take the initiative to talk about why they want to buy sex toys. Most people are "blank sheets of paper", ignorant as I was at the beginning, who just want to safely experience physical pleasure. There are also "old hands", talking about their second child, want to add spice to life through fun props.

Among them, I remember one customer the most.

At ten o 'clock that evening, as I was about to leave work, there was another noise backstage. It was a woman. The name was obvious. The question she asked was odd, at least in my memory, and rarely asked by clients.

How long, she asked.

Later in our conversation, I learned that she was a 46-year-old woman whose husband had died in a car accident ten years ago, along with their only son. She was the only one who survived the car accident. After that, she never remarried and lived alone, slowly moving forward. But with her physical needs suppressed for so long, her mood became worse and worse. She even went to see a therapist, but she didn't tell the doctor the truth because of her sexual shame. While browsing Taobao, she happened to see the goods in the store and summoned up the courage to ask.

From her, I really feel the people about "sex" closed. When I was at school, we were not taught about contraception, and boys were excluded from junior high school sex classes, as if one had better not have sex before adulthood. But after school, parents push for marriage and children, as if our sex is just a prop for reproduction. After marriage, even a mature 46-year-old woman is still ashamed of sex.

I think it shouldn't be like that. Pleasure is in our nature. Sex shouldn't be an adjunct to something.

That evening, I told the woman in detail about some of the toys I had experienced and made recommendations based on her case. Her comments later warmed my heart.

"Thank you for the recommendation. It's perfect for me. I'm happy for the first time since it all happened. As an older woman, I have taken it for granted that there are things that are difficult to say to those around me, things that need to be repressed and taken away. It was unimaginable in my day that young people can pursue themselves so boldly. May you get better and better!"

The encouragement from clients makes me feel proud of this career. Since then, I've been more diligent, creating hard charts and soft reviews for various items. Hardware evaluation includes portability, texture, size, vibration frequency, irritation, water resistance and other indicators. The soft evaluation is whether the product packaging gives people a sense of pleasure, whether the color is stimulating the eye, suitable for the crowd to use the scene, whether suitable for partners to use together and so on.

In the parlance of the owner, hardcore fun!

After graduation, I found a job as a tutor in a postgraduate entrance examination institution, mainly to give my family an explanation. I made a false promise to resign and return to "normal". From then on, I was a high-powered tutor during the day and my day job at night.

Dongdong, the owner, laughed and called it "an act of resistance in bed."

I asked, how is it that you are so lucky not to be chased and beaten by your family?

The voice of the other end of her smile, avoid not to answer, said, our next generation no one will be chased and beaten.

Indeed, the circumstances facing our next generation should be more optimistic. In fact, my parents' generation already had some liberal parents, I did meet them.

One weekend morning, I attended a presentation on sexual culture. I thought only fashionistas of the same age were wearing fashionable brands and delicate makeup. When I arrived at the venue, I found that there were also underage children in casual clothes.

I followed a mother dressed casually in light colors, holding her daughter, who was about her height. The girl pointed to a glass platform and asked, "Mom, why are there so many styles of condoms, including spiked ones, and models? Isn't that even?"

The mother was not angry, but was amused and said: "Boys are the same size as girls' breasts. If you wear your primary school bra now, do you feel tight?"

Her daughter nodded. She looked straight at the condoms in the glass case, her eyes clear and lustful.

I stood behind them, looking at the girl greatly square curiosity, mother clearly answered, think of Dongdong that sentence: "our next generation no one will chase dozen."

It's not sex that's shameful, it's us who find it shameful.

According to the big data of an e-commerce, the sales of adult products are increasing. Although the main purchasing power is still men, accounting for 69% of the total consumer group, and the transaction amount is 72%, the data will certainly change with the awakening of women's independence consciousness and the gradual opening of sexual concept.

I find that the girls who come to our store tend to be younger, they are not afraid to talk about their sexual needs, they are willing to pay for their sex, and there are even girls who ask for products to be wrapped as Valentine's Day gifts for their boyfriends.

As I continue to improve the use report of the product, I will also provide each customer with a request for feedback on the use experience, just like Dongdong did at the beginning. Some people will ignore directly, some people will scold, some people agreed to but no word.

There are others, however, who, like me, carefully record how they use it. They explore their bodies and are open to their desires and pleasures. I collected their feelings carefully and sorted them into data and articles for future clients' reference.

We all have so many questions to be answered about sex, which is a necessary part of everyone's journey.