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Use anal plug with attention to use? How does anal plug plug ability good?
10.31.2021 | flirtwithsb |

The use of anal plug is not very widely, but the quality of sexual life will have requirements for the depth of the anal plug brings stimulation, here to introduce the use of anal plug matters needing attention, I believe it is of great help to the novice.

Step1. anal washer

Using an anal washer, fill with water or a water-based lubricant and repeat several times until the rectal discharge is clean.

Generally, there is a rubber balloon type, which squeezes water into the rectum, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be released after squeezing. If the operation is not careful, the water will be sucked back, so you can choose a syringe type, or specially designed for the back court Cleaner without backflow.

Step2. Lubricate, open and relax the anal muscles

Wear a digital condom to avoid germs, use one finger, apply silicone lubricant, and slowly insert it around the anus first, let the sphincter relax, and gradually allow 2 fingers to be inserted into the anus


It is recommended to use silicon-based anal lubricating fluid. It is not necessary to replenish it all the time. Generally, water-based lubricants can be used. Pay attention to it, otherwise the anus will be prone to bleeding and pain.

If your anal plug is made of silicone, do not use silicone, please use water-based lubricating fluid, and use silicone for stainless steel or crystal glass.

Step3. Insert the butt plug

When the lubricating fluid is sufficient, after the sphincter is relaxed, the anal plug can be inserted. The novice should choose the smallest anal plug, and do not overplay and even insert the part that is left on the outside.

It is recommended to use the anal plug of the animal tail, and the sex position is recommended to come from behind. The back will be very sexy. The following will recommend various anal plugs.

Newbies to use anal plugs

For beginners, it is difficult to find the pleasure from the anal plug for the first time, and the first use is still getting used to it. At the beginning, it must start with a small anal plug, and it must be plugged slowly. After the adaptation period, the back court is turned on. The door is open, and a new sex level is unlocked. The following points are noted:

Anal plugs can't be plugged for too long, and can't be plugged all day long. After a long time, the sphincter muscle will lose its elasticity, and the stool will be unbearable. If it is serious, it will cause incontinence and even prolapse of the anus. Occasional use can find pleasure in sex.

The anal plug will not hurt, but at the beginning of the plug, the anus will normally reject it to some extent. It is very important to apply enough lubricating fluid. Please use silicon or water for the anus. It is recommended to be silicon, because the anus itself does not secrete love fluids.

Booty overloader Advanced butt plug

For beginners, please choose anal plug below 3mm.

The material is made of stainless steel. Because of the small friction, it can be put in the refrigerator first. It has a cool feeling, high hardness and easy to insert, and antibacterial is not easy to be contaminated with dust. As for the glass, novices should have a psychological barrier to be afraid of breaking it, so glass is not recommended.