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How to use vibrating eggs correctly
05.07.2021 | flirtwithsb |

Nowadays, people's lives are under a lot of pressure, and many women are not satisfied with their sexual life, and they will prefer to work on sex toys. So there are a lot of people who use vibrating eggs. But because the vibrating egg is a relatively new product, many people don't understand it. So how to use vibrating eggs correctly?

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First of all, you need to know that vibrating eggs, also known as vibrating eggs, are a kind of sex toy. vibrating eggs are made of rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, with a smooth surface. There are many cute shapes and different colors of jumping eggs on the market. , to increase the user's interest.

Vibrating eggs are used to put into the vagina for masturbation. Because of their small size, they can be put into the vagina as a whole, and can also be used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples. There is an egg-shaped part of the vibrating egg, some are wired, some are wireless. The cordless vibrating egg usually has a thin rope, which can be pulled out of the vagina or anus after use, otherwise it may get stuck in it. Care should be taken to prevent secretions from flowing out.

The correct way to use the vibrating egg is:

1. Install the battery correctly;

2. Scrub and disinfect the product with 75% medical alcohol before use, and apply an appropriate amount of lubricant on the product (recommended to use with condoms);

3. Insert into the body, start the switch, until the climax;

4. Turn off the switch and exit from the body;

5. Save after cleaning.

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Note when using vibrating eggs:

It should also be noted that don't think that the vibrating egg is a tool to stimulate the organs. In fact, it is wrong. The little vibrating egg can not only stimulate the female genitals. In this way, all sensitive parts of women can be stimulated, massaged, and soothed. .

When using the vibrating egg, there are also things to pay attention to: disinfect before use; lubricate the vagina before use; dry and store it after use; usually take out the battery for storage; do not insert the vibrating egg too deeply; do not use it for too long long.

Are you addicted to using jumping eggs?

Yes, the vibrating egg will stimulate the clitoris during the vibration process, and the clitoris is close to the external opening of the urethra. Long-term use causes discomfort in the external urethra, which is likely to be caused by the side effects of vibrating eggs. It is recommended to use soft things such as hands to stimulate the clitoris. If you use it frequently, it will reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris to stimulation. If you use the normal way to stimulate the clitoris, you will not feel excited enough, so it is difficult to reach orgasm. It is recommended to continue to use it, but not too often.

How to clean female vibrating eggs?

When cleaning, avoid getting water on the switch, power supply, etc., while rubbing with your fingers while rinsing, do not use a brush or acid cleaner to clean. Wiping with a dry cotton cloth after rinsing is best, or a high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. After wiping, let it dry naturally to avoid exposure to the sun! Finally, you can use special cleaning solution or diluted alcohol (75%) to disinfect, or sprinkle some talcum powder before storing.