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How to use the masturbation cup Master the "three essentials" principle and fly you to heaven
03.26.2019 | flirtwithsb |

On the market masturbation cup, masturbation set items are full of beautiful things in eyes, but the majority of men often ignore the correct use of masturbation cup, with how no feeling? Or use improper accidentally injured, embarrassed and difficult to say! Learn how to use a masturbation cup right away

Why can't I feel it?! Masturbation cup correct use to master the "three" principle

According to Dr. Abe, before putting the penis into the masturbation cup, which is usually the size of a normal male penis, there will be resistance. Lubricant should be used first, but saliva is not recommended. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant that is well cleaned and to exhaust before entering the masturbation cup; Why exhaust? Dr Abe explains that this is to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of gas discharge during use, but feelings vary from person to person. As the piston moves, it will become tighter and tighter as the gas is discharged, perhaps producing a more intense sensation. Dr. Abe summarized the following key points of airplane cup use:


  1. To lubrication
  2. To vent
  3. Find your comfort zone


If the masturbation cup is too tight, too much grain good? Easy addiction, affect the actual pleasure

Many people seek out tighter, more stripped-down masturbation machine cups in search of greater excitement, but what are the effects of this? Will it be too exciting to feel it in real life? Doctor Abe explains that too tight, too many lines, too much stimulation may lead to excessive addiction, it is recommended to start from the entry model!


Dr. Abe shared outpatient cases, there have been patients overuse masturbation cup, usually feel too exciting, but in the real battle, not as tight and exciting as imagined, half of the stimulation is not enough, soft, and even affect the later sex life and girlfriend happy.

Some people watch too much porn and match it with sex toys. It's too exciting. In real life, there is no feeling for sex with a partner. Men are also urged not to over-rely on masturbation cups, so as not to cause addiction.

How to clean the masturbation cup? Do not turn over. Wash with cold or warm water

Finally, Dr. Abe also reminded that the cleaning of the masturbation cup is also very important. You can use cold water or warm water to do the cleaning, and the cleaning process can also be combined with some special cleaning agent; Many people put a lot of diatom rods/balls in there to soak up the water and then leave them in the shade after cleaning. Deterioration or hardening may occur if exposed to sunlight.

In addition, Dr. Abe warns that it is strongly forbidden to wash the cup upside down, as washing it inside out may cause elastic fatigue and lower quality of use in the future.

Is a masturbation cup more comfortable than a vagina? The doctor said

Jokingly, every man, even if he has a partner, may still have a "D slot mystery folder" to savor in the dead of night, whether it is a masturbation cup or by himself, is a way to relieve the pressure of life. Doctors also urge people not to overindulge, affect the relationship with their partners, and lead to the imbalance of life focus