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How To Use The Masturbation Cup-Best selling masturbation cup online
06.05.2019 | flirtwithsb |

A MASTURBATION CUP is also called a massager. It fake WOMEN VAGINAL internal design, masturbation cup structure adopted than women privates structure more complex secondary structure, the internal structure of jade chopstick designed specifically for man, to enhance the internal bending and stimulating points, in order to improve the man when use to bring of pleasant sensation, so directly in them, and use it every time you like and women have sex. Some masturbation cups do not mimic a woman's vagina, but are designed like a small tube inside, soft and tight; There are also electric massages designed to vibrate, heat, and massage when used by men to achieve ORGASM.

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So let's talk about the whole process from getting a masturbation cup to using it!

Step 1: Wash and disinfect

We need to clean the masturbation cup before using it, to avoid germs on the penis, or to be lazy and put on a condom and use it directly.

Step 2: Prepare before use

Before using the masturbation cup, grease the mouth of the cup. The amount of lube can make a difference. Even if there is no lubricating oil, it is not recommended to use shower gel or shampoo instead, which will stimulate their own ding Ding according to the discomfort, remember lubricant is the golden partner of masturbation cup, must, must, must be added!

Step 3: Use posture correctly

1. The initial phase

You can rub your penis back and forth across the entrance to cover the tip of the penis with the lube, but you can also apply the lube directly to the tip of the penis and then use the cup to evenly lubricate the cup.

2. Initial entry stage

Do not fierce GO IN, because you ALSO won't suddenly ENTER the girlfriend, also do not recommend to develop this bad habit. Especially for the first time, if you feel disarmed, please stop entering, wait a moment, you can also pull out. So repeated, can repeatedly stimulate glans head, gradually reduce sensitivity. It will help with sex later in life. When you go deep, your most sensitive areas are already inside the masturbation cup. At this time the first wave of sensation is here, repeated application of this area is mainly to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, achieve the purpose of delay.

3. In-depth stage

When adapted, please continue to go deeper, then the penis head will be more stimulated, because there is a meat process here, and the back part gradually into will have a strong feeling of immersion, just like you press your hand into the basin, the beginning is to feel buoyancy, when the palm into the water will continue to press adsorption.

4. Feeling stage


5. Climax stage

If you continue to enter, you will have the feeling of squeezing out, like the feeling of arching out when a woman has an orgasm. And this section just wraps the penis completely, one pushing out, one pushing in, each collision is the maximum all-round stimulation. At this point, men can't help but do the pistons. But actually want to achieve the purpose of practice, should be to the top to the bottom, and then hold, until the feeling down slowly removed, this point is also in line with the actual combat action.

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The best correct way to masturbate:

1. Small waterfall type: is not feeling very confused, hey hey, we think of the bathroom, once someone in the summer to flush more than an hour, the edge of the water masturbation. It's cool to be able to enjoy the "masturbation cup" world under the cool water on a hot summer day, and it's great for improving your technique.


2. Lying on your side: Masturbating while lying on your side in bed. For many people, it has become a habit to lie on your side and play with your phone. Habit works wonders, which is why most of the diaosi men and women who masturbate in the middle of the night on their dominant moments are using this more comfortable and easy to handle position.

3. Squat: with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down and focus on  MASTURBATION. Advantage: This is the essential posture that squat pit enters toilet. Jerking off every second of the time, anywhere. What's more, people tend to pay more attention when they're in this position. Weakness: OFTEN BECAUSE DOZEN PLANE TIME IS TOO LONG AND FORGOT TO STAND UP, RESULT LEG IS SOFT FOOT HEMP, LOWER LIMB IS WEAK.