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How to Have the Hottest Sex in A Car?
11.29.2022 | flirtwithsb |

Having sex in a car is one of the best sexual adventures one can have, and the limited space will lead you to better and wilder sex. Having sex in the same place all the time can be boring and take away the excitement and anticipation of sex, so if you're feeling bored and annoyed by sex venues right now, we've got a great one for you Choose, that is your car. But before you get in your car, there are a few things you need to know in case you get caught by the police or get into an accident. So, follow these tips to make your car sex experience more enjoyable.
1. Take advantage of your skylight
If your car has a sunroof, keep it open. Sit right under the sunroof and you might climb up on your man. When you're planning car sex, it's best to wear skirts and ditch your underwear to make sex go a little more smoothly.

2. Use the rearview mirror
Before you get confused, you can use your rearview mirror and place it facing you. You can watch all your moves, can it get hotter than that?

3. Having sex in the car after sunset
The best time to have sex in the car is after sunset. This can greatly reduce the probability of being discovered. In addition, the light atmosphere of the sunset can increase the ambiguous mood of your lovemaking with your partner.

4. Size matters
The bigger the car, the better it will have more space and space. If you're using a Mini or Smart Car for in-car sex, you might as well spend the gas money you save on a hotel stay. Or put her on the hood.