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Are vibrators good for women?
09.22.2021 | flirtwithsb |

Are vibrators good for women? This question needs to be looked at from two aspects

The advantage is that it can relieve sexual pressure, satisfy one's own desires, experience the pleasure of orgasm, and easily reach orgasm when having sex with a man in the future. The vibrator can also be on call, which is good, but it can also make you do too much. If you don't have good self-control, doing too much will affect your health. It's up to you.

In addition, the vibrator can also play various tricks to increase the interest of life.

The disadvantage is that the stimulation of the vibrator is strong and long-lasting, stronger than what a man can give. When you get used to the vibrator, you may be disappointed with the man, or dissatisfied with the intensity and duration of the stimulation of the man. That could also affect family relationships.

But in fact, this kind of thing is used too much, it is really bad for the body. After using it for a long time, I will only have a strong dependence on the vibrator. Many times when I work during the day, I think about these things in my mind, and I feel that I can't concentrate when I work.

Of course, there is an old saying that people who can drink will drink for a lifetime, and those who can't drink will be finished with one bottle. Is oral sex good? Vibrators and vibrating eggs are disinfected with alcohol beforehand, lubricants, cleaned, dried and stored afterward, and used by dedicated personnel. Vibrators and vibrating eggs are safer than oral sex. There are not more bacteria in the oral cavity. Why are many women accepting oral sex. As long as the vibrator and vibrating egg are not too ordinary and excessively used, there is no problem at all, and listen to the nonsense of pseudo-experts less.

Are vibrators good for women? In general, there are good and bad vibrators for women. The main issue is the degree. If you can master this degree well, it is a good sexual tool. If you cannot master this degree, it may cause bad effects. So it depends on your own self-control.