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6 Things Must to Know Before Anal Sex
11.30.2022 | flirtwithsb |

6 Things Must to Know Before Anal Sex
Here're tips you need to know if you're into anal sex.
Women have the right to enjoy their bodies - sex!
These eight things about anal sex can help your first time go smoother and less painful.
1. First of all, the first time it can hurt
According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, many women find anal sex painful, but they continue to engage in this sexual exploration in order to cooperate with their sexual partners and be influenced by the anal scenes in pornographic movies.
So like vaginal sex, you have to take your time and stop as soon as you feel uncomfortable. Also, don't force yourself to have anal sex just to please your partner. Your body is up to you, and your partner should respect your wishes.

Anal sex needs to be spoken of more openly with doctors, a new journal report has said (stock)

2. Use lubricating oil to make the process smoother
Unlike the vagina, which gets wet during sexual arousal, the anus cannot lubricate itself. So if you want to avoid pain, make sure to use lube for better penetration.
3. It Can Make You Orgasm
You might think that anal sex is less enjoyable than vaginal sex, but you'd be wrong. Women who had anal sex reported higher rates of orgasm compared to those who had vaginal sex, according to a sex survey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

4. But, Before You Try Anal, Have Vaginal Sex
The survey also showed that women who had orgasms from vaginal intercourse were more likely to try anal sex afterwards. Because their bodies are more relaxed and comfortable after orgasm. So, if you want to try anal sex, but are scared, try this trick.
5. Anal sex can lead to fecal incontinence
Women who regularly indulge in anal sex have higher rates of fecal incontinence later in life, according to a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. Meaning, they have trouble controlling their bowel movements, causing stool (stool) to leak out of the rectum unexpectedly.

6. Condoms are a must to avoid STIs
Although you cannot get pregnant through anal sex, according to the UK National Health Service website, you are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) through anal sex than with any other type of sexual activity. Because: The lining of the anus is thin and therefore more prone to infection.
So, be sure to use a condom during anal sex.