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6 Facts About Oral Sex Between Partners
12.01.2022 | flirtwithsb |

6 Facts About Oral Sex Between Partners

According to one study, oral sex saved the sex life of at least 20 percent of couples.

A study done by the State University of New York pointed out that most women find it difficult to achieve orgasm through classic full sex. Therefore, oral sex becomes an important part of pleasing women.

The study also found that semen contains chemicals that can significantly improve mood, such as natural antidepressants, which is an amazing benefit.

Here are six things you need to know about oral sex to make your oral sex experience with your loved one extra special and memorable.

Scientists have found that oral sex can make couples feel closer. After all, this is a very intimate thing.

Would you and your partner give up trying? The two main reasons men and women avoid it are concerns about taste and hygiene, while others fear they won't do well. Suggesting a sensual shower prior to this would be of great help.

Most people complain about men using the "washing machine" technique during oral sex, where the tongue stays in a spin cycle, turning around her clitoral area. Variations often help.

Try different experiments. Trying a different technique would really help, she gently grasps his balls with one hand while guiding his cock into her mouth with the other. He could also try another position, licking his tongue over her pubic mound and clitoral area.

Pruning is important. It's easy to overlook that "trimming" their pubic hair can give their partners a greater degree of pleasure.

Diet also affects! In fact, what you eat affects the taste below you. This is not an exaggeration! So for example if you eat sweet, you will taste sweet.