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15 Weirdest Places Americans Admit to Having Sex
12.19.2022 | flirtwithsb | Sexual health and sex education

In a survey of the 15 most offbeat places in America to have sex, 70 percent said having sex in risky places brought their couples closer together.
Places for sexual adventures include moving roller coasters, the top of the Eiffel Tower, the boss's desk, inside a haunted house, and more.

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How creative? Imagine: the top of the Eiffel Tower, EPCOT's phone book, and the dentist's chair. That's according to the 2,000 Americans surveyed.

And nearly 23 percent said they had been caught having sex in a dangerous place.

Besides the bed, the most common places people have sex are cars (68%), kitchens (48%) and movie theaters (9%).

76% of respondents said they had sex outdoors. The most popular places to have outdoor sex include backyards (62%), beaches (46%), hiking trails (31%) and highway rest stops (27%).

We know you're curious, but here are 15 of the weirdest places Americans have admitted to having sex:
empire state building
burger king bathroom
Behind the convenience store during the day
Historic Native American Reservation
Court bathroom before appearing before a judge
their boss' new desk
Phone Booths at EPCOT
Fast Food Express
barn surrounded by animals
dentist chair
under the concert stage
In the car during an automatic car wash
Potty Harbor
on the train tracks
Traveling on I-95 at 70 mph

Having sex in unusual places does sound like a great idea to try, just make sure you both enjoy it and don't get caught!